Verify Job System uses industry leading security techniques to ensure that your data stays safe throughout the cycle from your servers to ours.

Verify Job System is the fast, secure and accurate way for employers to outsource the processing of employment and salary verification requests. Mortgage companies, consumer credit companies and other verifiers get their information in one telephone call or simply by one click of the mouse. VJS has made it virtually effortless by taking the burden and expense of this job off your HR and Payroll Departments.

Verify Job System provides solutions that improve employee services and allows you to focus on your core business.

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Verify Job System can help your HR and Payroll managers do one less thing. We know every Human Resources and Payroll Department is faced with the time-consuming, tedious effort of answering employment and salary verification requests. Call 800-800-4857 today and discover how easy it can be to make your job easier.


Who is a verifier?
A Verifier is any institution, property manager or pre-employment screening agency needing to verify employment or salary of Verify Job System's client. When someone applies for a loan, a credit card, a new job or to lease an apartment, verifications are typically performed. In the mortgage industry, standards set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require verifications. Verify Job System may only be used for permissible business purposes such as those described above.

Need a PIN number?
PIN numbers are required for salary information and can be obtained by calling customer service at 1.800.800.4VJS (4857) or by faxing VJS the applicant's signed authorization release form, giving VJS authority to release the PIN to the requesting agency.
No PIN numbers will be given out without the employee's permission. A current release form that has been signed by the employee allows VJS to release a PIN number to the requesting agency.


Verify Job System provides a secure and convenient way to authorize third-party verifiers (like lenders, landlords, social service agencies, and prospective employers) to verify your employment and/or salary information.

Provide a verifier with your Company Code and SSN. If salary information must be verified, provide your PIN also. For assistance in obtaining your PIN, please contact Customer Service.

Benefits of This Service

  • Easier loan approvals

  • Improved Confidentiality
    Your HR department is no longer filling your requests for employment and or salary verification.

  • Much Faster
    Many employers can take over a week or more to fill out a request for an employment verification or income.

  • Improved Security
    You are in control of authorizing the verification of your own data.

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Verify Job System is America’s leader in automated employment and income verifications.

We have been selected by many employers to help people get the information they need when someone is buying a home, applying for a job or seeking financial aid. Verify Job System gives employees throughout the United States and Canada control of many traditional human resource and payroll functions through a secure online or telephone-based account.


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